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Free Coffee & Sweet Treats on Apr. 15

In addition to the usual $10.40 offers that surface around 4/15 a.k.a. Tax Day, there are a few places in the DC area where you get free stuff tomorrow.

Since it’s part of most people’s morning commute, this is an easy one from Starbucks. As part of the Big Picture movement, on April 15th, bring a reusable travel mug into your local Starbucks and get a free brewed coffee. It looks like the offer is valid all day, so it’s good for your morning cuppa or that mid-day coffee break.

If coffee isn’t your thing, perhaps a free frozen treat from Dairy Queen better suits you. The Blizzardmobile will be parked outside of the IRS Building at the corner of 10th St. and Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. tomorrow from noon to 1 p.m. To celebrate the 25th birthday of the Blizzard and Tax Day, they’ll be giving out free Mini Blizzards.

This probably won’t be of use to many DC residents, but those in the burbs might like this. Participating mall-based Cinnabon locations will be giving away free bite-sized cupcakes tomorrow evening from 6 to 8 p.m. Looks like Cinnabon’s putting their hat in the ring for the cupcake market now.

Know of any other Tax Day freebies/offers tomorrow in DC or elsewhere? Drop a note or a link in the comments!

Urbana offering Free Lunch on April 1

Eventually places will realize that April 1 is more than just the beginning of a prime Spring month and catch on to the natural skepticism surrounding April Fools Day, but until then Urbana’s taking advantage of it…

Urbana logo

Urbana Restaurant and Wine Bar (2121 P Street NW, in the Hotel Palomar) presents their “Only Fools Fall In Love” lunch giveaway for the first 300 customers starting at 11:30 on April 1st. The free bagged lunch includes their new pulled pork parmesan sandwich made with braised pork shoulder, bolognese sauce, mozzarella, and radicchio. Comes with a pickle, chocolate chip cookie, and bottled water.

I don’t work near enough to take advantage of this, and I don’t know if they take lunch reservations, but this may be a line-up, first-served type of deal. Still, it looks to be in the high 70s tomorrow which makes for a perfect day to take your lunch outside!

Starbucks Free Pastry Day Mar. 23

If you’re a Starbucks addict like me, you know that tomorrow morning, Tuesday March 23rd is Free Pastry Day at Starbucks. Get a free pastry with the purchase of a beverage.

The free pastry coupon is available here at their blog. You can print out the coupon or show them the coupon on a mobile device. They’ll stop redeeming the offer at 10:30 am–just in time for the morning coffee stop or that 10am coffee break.

I had to stop getting pastries at Starbucks when I started reading their nutritional information. Even though they’re advertising a more natural, less artificial line of pastries with no trans-fats, I still pass on them for something a bit more on the healthy (and filling) side. But if you’re looking for a little sugar rush to go with the daily caffeine, it’s a good deal. You usually can’t beat free. And since people do love free, I’d hit them up earlier rather than later.

Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Hotline Cookbook (Free!)

Cover of Martha Stewart Thanksgiving recipe book

As part of her Sirius|XM Thanksgiving hotline radio show, Martha is offering a free PDF collection of Thanksgiving recipes.

These recipes cover all courses of the Thanksgiving meal, from savory turkey to fresh salads and creamy mashed potatoes to sweet desserts. The dishes come from acclaimed chefs, such as Emeril Lagasse, Nigella Lawson, and Mario Batali.

All 30 chefs will be on call to answer your questions on Martha Stewart Living Radio’s Thanksgiving Hotline. The hotline is live from Monday, November 23 to Wednesday, November 25. See schedule for the full list of celebrity chefs and exact times at www.sirius.com/martha.

It’s 56 pages containing 35 recipes and entertaining tips and it’s done in classic Martha Stewart style. Very clean and informative, though a mac & cheese recipe calls for grana padano, which I knew was a cheese, but I couldn’t recall its characteristics to know a good store-found substitute. Even so, the price is right for a good collection of famous/celebrity chef recipes and some contributions from Martha herself. And I think pairing it with the radio show is a great idea, I almost wish I had Sirius|XM to listen in later this month.


Even if you’re all set for some items, she also offers the download in specific chapters: Soups & Starters, Sides & Salads, Turkey & Entrees, Desserts and Wine, Liquor, & Entertaining. So you might get some new ideas. I believe I’ll be bringing some of those Pilgrim-themed cocktails to my host’s place for the holiday.

And yes, I know… It’s still Martha Stewart and some people place her firmly in the “evil” camp. But if my food novice friends were going to learn to cook from a lifestyle personality, I’d rather it be from one of Martha’s meticulously detailed recipes than one of the Food Network deep-V-neck cleavage crew. I think the book has some good recipes, and they’re not all her recipes, but YMMV.