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Lunch at Matchbox Barracks Row

Just some quick shots from a little holiday lunch with friends and co-workers. Matchbox is quickly becoming our go-to restaurant for lunch excursions and it’s well-earned. I was surprised that they hadn’t announced the day’s specials on twitter yet, but when we got there the server told us the special entree was a crab and mushroom mac & cheese–SOLD!

We also shared their shrimp and grits starter which was yummy, their grits were appropriately seasoned and creamy. I might stop back by for brunch if they had a full entree size of the dish. Unfortunately the Circulator doesn’t run past there from Union Station or Navy Yard on evenings or weekends, but it’s just a short walk away from Eastern Market metro. So far it’s been 100% for deliciousness and service has always been great.

Matchbox DC: Twitter
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Appetite comes with tweeting…

This is less of a blog entry and more of a public service. When you follow restaurants and other food-related businesses on twitter, let it be at your own risk! It’s bad enough following and chatting with my fellow foodies during the day as we get to trade tips and deals back and forth, but I’m also following a few local restaurants and therein lies the trouble.

Flat-iron steak pizza from Matchbox

After surviving a birthday happy hour last night for Thrifty DC Cook and the subsequent 2-for-1 cocktails at Halo, I was sort of slugging through the day with a serious craving for pizza. So I thought I might knock off over to Matchbox on Barracks Row for lunch. Since I’m following their twitter account: @MatchboxDC, I noticed their daily posted soup and pizza specials and there was no question I’d be heading over. After a failed plan to meet up with some friends, I aimed to head out on my own, but some co-workers decided to come along with.

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