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Fifty Shades of Chicken

I already feel sadistically naughty enough when I subject a chicken to drowning (brining), bondage (trussing) and an oven (…an oven) to get a lovely roasted bird but this trailer for the book Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook takes it well beyond my imagination to a whole new level!

From now on, I shall always hear Patrick Stewart in my head when preparing a roast chicken.

I don’t normally buy parody or themed books, but this might be perfect to have on the coffee table or prominently displayed on the cookbook shelf.

Jacques Pépin: How to Mark a Grilled Steak

One of the many things that apartment-dwelling cooks have to live with is that we often can’t grill whenever we’d like. Some of us may have access to communal grills–as I currently do now. However, ours isn’t always well-maintained so that when I am in the mood to grill, I have to factor in additional time to make sure the grill is as clean as I want before getting started. Or I’m sharing space with someone else and our food is crowding up the grates jockeying for space. Thankfully the trusty grill pan satisfies nearly all needs. There won’t be flames licking at the surface of the food, but it’s a good compromise for achieving the look and cooking method… and you get to do it in air-conditioned comfort!

About the only thing I keep having trouble with is getting that nice cross-hatch grill mark pattern on the food. For some reason, I never turn at quite the right angle, or flip in the right direction and often just settle for the single diagonal stripe approach rather than mess up the look. Sure, the food still tastes great, but sometimes you do want to show off just a little. And last weekend while catching an episode of Essential Pépin devoted to beef, Jacques briefly went through the steps of getting the perfect pattern… in a grill pan!

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How to Quickly Peel a Head of Garlic

SAVEUR Executive Food Editor Todd Coleman has a great technique for peeling an entire head of garlic in less than 10 seconds, no knife required.

I’ve seen tricks for quickly peeling a clove at a time, but never for peeling an entire head of garlic at once. When I’ve made Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, I follow Ina Garten’s suggestion of quickly placing the cloves into boiling water to loosen up the skins, which works, but unless you have asbestos hands, you’re still dealing with a lot of work. I may have to try this method next time… after I find two appropriate bowls, that is.

We Brunch Hard

It’s like I keep telling people, brunch isn’t just some cutesy little meal for the chicks and the gays, brunch ain’t no joke! Baratunde Thurston just linked to this on twitter. Not normally known for his food-related comments, I clicked through and found the official anthem “We Brunch Hard” (there’s a tiny bit of blue language) from Elon James White of This Week in Blackness and The Brooklyn Comedy Company:

Follow it up with the Salon article, Brunching While Black: The birth of #webrunchhard. I’ve written plenty about the defense of brunch, even disagreeing with Amy Sedaris about it. It’s not just a late breakfast, it’s not just an excuse to drink while the sun is up, it’s brunch, son and y’all better recognize!

I’ll need a clean mop and a LOT of ice!

Adventures in Shaw noted the following story on her twitter account. Apparently the NBC4 anchor said about it, “If you’re a drunk, we have some sad news.” — Hey news anchor… don’t you judge me!

A forklift driver in a Russian vodka factory plows into a shelf that causes a horrible chain reaction:

People viewing the debacle since it was posted on a Russian video-sharing site estimated $175,000 of vodka was trashed. The driver walked away with only a minor leg injury.

I’m not going to lie, I shed a little tear. I have no idea when this actually happened as most “news” sites carrying it only talk about it being on the video site with no more detail beyond that. Still, talk about having your worst day ever.